Kit Build Assistance

Build your own SW-51 Mustang with the help of experts!

Using cutting-edge technologies and an innovative streamlining of planning, manufacturing and assembling processes we have managed to design a Factory Assisted Build program that reduces the usual time of Aircraft Kit Building by more than 75%.

The tailor-made “Build Your Legend” program offers professional building assistance in line with the Major Portion Rule (51 % Rule) of Kit Build legislations, bringing the goal of completing Your own Kit Built Aircraft  within the reach of only 3 to 4 weeks. Appreciate of the joy of building your own aircraft in minimum time while gaining full understanding of the processes and components involved in manufacturing a Legend. The safety gain by fully knowing each and every detail of your SW-51 Mustang will bring you the comfort to fly this aircraft to its maximum performance.

Visit us in our factory in Krosno, Poland to receive professional guidance and assistance in building your very own SW-51 Mustang.
For more information on Amateur Build Kits and the 51 % rule please consult your national Civil Aviation Authority or your national Amateur Builder Association at the following links:


European Union EFLEVA European Federation of Light, Experimental and Vintage Aircraft
Switzerland AAA Antique Airplane Association of Switzerland
EAS Experimental Aviation of Switzerland
France RSA Fédération Réseau du Sport de l’Air
United Kingdom HAA Historic Aircraft Association
LAA Light Aircraft Association – United Kingdom
Austria IEC Igo Ettrich Club
Germany OUV Oskar Ursinus Vereinigung
Denmark KZ & VAC KZ & Vintage Aircraft Club – EAA Chapter 655 – Denmark
Italy CAP Federazione C.A.P. – Italy
Ireland ILAS Irish Light Aviation Society
Netherlands NVAV Nederlands Vereniging van Amateur Vligtuigbouwers
Belgium RSAB Le Réseau du Sport de l’Air de Belgique (French)
FAAVAV Flamse Amateur Vliegtuigbouwers (Flamish)
Spain AAE Asociatión de Aviacion Experimental España – Spain
ACAA Asociatión de Constructores Amateur de Aeronaves
Portugal AAE Associação de Aviação Experimental Portuguesa – Portugal
Norway EAA EAA 573 Norway
Sweden EAA EAA Sweden

The Americas

United States of America EAA Experimental Aírcraft Association http://www.eaa.orf
United States of America FAA Federal Aviation Administration
Canada Transport Canada
Canada Handbook for Amateur-Built Aircraft in Canada
Brasil ABRAEX Associação Brasileira de Aviação Experimental
Argentina EAA Asociatión Argentina de Aviación Experimental
Chile EAA Chapter 49 EAA Chapter 749, Chile

Asia & Oceania

Australia SAAA The Sport Aircraft Association of Australia
New Zeeland Civil Aviation Safety Authority


South Africa EAA EAA South Africa

EAAInternational Chapters