AcroOil - System

The ScaleWings aerobatic oil supply system

The AcroOil aerobatic oil supply system

ScaleWings patent pending AcroOil reliably supplies the engine in all flight attitudes with oil. In addition AcroOil is equipped with a duplicate separator system which ensures that the waste air is separated from the oil during aerobatics, i.e. also in inverted flight and not oil is spilled into the environment.

An optional oil/water heat exchanger offers the advantage of a shorter warm-up time and thus reduced fuel consumption and a better engine cooling during high-load operations.


Rotax and aerobatics

Rotax forbids aerobatics with Rotax engines. SW-51 Mustangs equipped with Rotax engines may therefore not fly attitudes of more than 60° bank and +/- 30° pitch. The ScaleWings AcroOil system is therefore not available for Rotax engines.


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