ScaleWings definiert Emotion, Leidenschaft und Innovation für die Sportfliegerei neu!


ScaleWings hat sich zur Aufgabe gemacht mit kreativen Ideen neue Wege zu gehen und

✔ revolutionäre, innovative Luftfahrzeuge   ✔ moderne Antriebssysteme   ✔ innovative Technologien 

 für die Sportfliegerei zu entwickeln.

Wir schaffen unvergessliche Flugerlebnisse … mit maßstabs- und originalgetreuen Nachbauten historischer Flugzeuge bis hin zu modernen Jets.


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SW-51 Mustang

SW-51 Mustang

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The task of exploring new territory with crative ideas

ScaleWings has set itself the task of exploring new territory with crative ideas and developing

–  innovative aircraft

–  modern propulsion concepts

–  innovative high-safety elektronics

–  and much more

for the privat recreational aviation.

Independent ScaleWings production set-up
We canceled our partnership with FK-Lightplanes (now FusionAeronautics) because of their unacceptable business practices in 2015.

ScaleWings has built it´s own autonom and independent aircraft production ScaleWings AeroPro Sp. Z o.o. in Krosno (PL) in 2017. This is where the sw51 Mustang is produced for the worldwide market.

Aircraft and Flight Sport Solutions
Scale Wings first successful project is the sw51 Mustang – a true to scale and true to the original replica of the legendary North American P51 Mustang as (ultra)light aircraft. New and patented production technologies and strategies are the key to this. They enable the sw51 Mustang to be offered at a reasonable price ready-to-fly or as a kit.

On the basis of these technologies we will develop new unique aircraft concepts, such as the sw21 Jet or the sw22 Apus high-performance aerobatic glider. Further projects are waiting for their realization.